(Multi-Platform P2P Program)



All code is being rewritten. It is Glade-less, includes
hash tree code, a new protocol, a new name, and supports media metadata.
All C programmers are welcome to check out this code
and submit patches to my email!!!

Latest Release: 0.0.3 (Thursday April 20th, 2006)

   What is DGAF?:
      DGAF is a peer-to-peer communications program by Karlan Mitchell.
      It allows chatting, file sharing, file searching, static/dynamic websites built
      using HTML/CSS standards, and Multi-Source Downloads.

      DGAF networks are private [to some extent], Master Nodes may password protect their networks.

   Is it Finished?:
      Not even close.
      However it works, so if your adventerous, please give it a try.
      Windows users can use an installer, and Linux users with i386 can install a RPM,
      and Mac users will have to wait for me to figure out crosscompiling for OSX (very hard) or donate me an [old] PPC machine.

   How Much Does It Cost?:
      100% free, but any donations would be gladly accepted.
      Most of project is released under a BSD license (even if it says otherwise),
      however some of the project is under LGPL.

   Aren't there enough file sharing programs out there?:
      This used to be the case; However because of certain entities,
      sharing publicly is not such a good idea, instead smaller networks
      where peers are familiar with each other in some parallel, is seemingly
      becoming a better idea.

   What Operating System Will It Run On?:
      It is known to compile/run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, and FreeBSD. However it
      should work on any POSIX OS with GTK+ 2 and a C Compiler.

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